Carolyn WarmSun
Artist Statement and Biography    

The Natural World has been for Carolyn a source of wonder and awe, sensory input, and beauty.  As much as the beauty, however, she has increasingly become fascinated with the elegant systems of the natural world and the interconnectedness of everything.  

Carolyn studied psychology and sociology in college, learning about human motivation and behavior.  Her career was in mental health and organization development.  

Knowledge of psychology, the natural world, and Native American and Tibetan Buddhist writings that reflect a deep connection between the two, has led to her desire to paint the spirit of Nature and the nature of Spirit.

Major Teachers and Mentors:  

In late 2009 Carolyn found PAINTING THE SPIRIT OF NATURE by Maxine Masterfield, and in February of 2010, went to Florida to spend four days with Maxine, learning how to do that—how to capture the essence, or how nature makes her feel.  Subsequently, she discovered Jeremy Morgan who helped her understand the connection of human consciousness and art, the nature of Spirit.  Katherine Chang Liu encouraaged Carolyn to express her own unique voice.  

Painting Process:

Carolyn paints what she remembers, or thinks about, or feels, or just what comes off her hands to the brush to the canvas.  Her process involves asking over and over again, “What would happen if ….”, then experimenting to find the answer.  She loves texture and uses a wide range of materials on her support before painting.  After texturing, Carolyn choose her palette—leaning toward warm colors in fluid acrylics.  Next comes a series of decisions about composition and design.  And then she paints until it feels finished and she is satisfied with the result.  Most often, the work is an abstraction of the natural world.

Exhibitions and Awards:

Carolyn’s work has been shown and awarded in numerous exhibitions locally, nationally, and internationally—both “live” and in online forums.  She is frequently juried into StillPoint Art Gallery online, and her work is published in the quarterly StillPoint Art Journal.  Her paintings are often juried into The Healing Power of Art and Light, Space, & Time, both premium online forums.  Carolyn’s paintings grace the covers of two books of poetry.  She is represented by The Rumjahn Gallery in Evansville, Indiana, and her paintings can be viewed and acquired on her website:  You can also find her on FaceBook and Instagram.